Also see the list of articles, none to be taken seriously.

I’m co-leading an easy kayak trip with the AMC this Sunday, June 27. It’s a combination Young Members/Kayak Committee event.

Easy Paddling on Pawtuxet River: One of RI’s major rivers with an abundance of wildlife and history. Pontiac Mills in Warwick to Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.

Some rental boats may still be available. AMC membership isn’t strictly required, though participants should consider it. Contact me if you’d like to come.

See also: pictures from past AMC trips and past kayaking trips.

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The AMC Boston hike/bike and young members committees use trip rating codes such as "B3B" to indicate difficulty. Recently there’s been some discussion of how hard this makes the listings to understand for newcomers. Here’s a workaround for users, and the core of a script that would help the authors automate a solution.

This tool translates the codes to English text. To try it out, click the link below and enter a code such as A2C.

Decode AMC Rating

To use this on any trip listing page, drag the Decode link up into your links toolbar, or open your Bookmarks or Favorites window and drag it in. You won’t even have to type the codes anymore; it can work on any text you’ve selected. Go to the AMC Boston YM trip listings, double-click any trip rating to select it, and choose the Decode AMC Rating bookmark.

This is part of a proposal to provide English tooltips for trip rating codes in announcement web pages and emails. Here’s an example of a trip rating with a tooltip. Move your mouse pointer over the following code and hold it still for a few seconds: AA1B.

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Interested in doing the Newport Cliff Walk? I’m co-leading an easy trip there with an Appalachian Mountain Club group on Sunday, April 25.

Young Members trips like this one are most often attended by people in their 20s and 30s, but all are welcome, and it’s not even required that you be a member. Other typical trips include kayaking, biking, hiking, rock climbing, and skiing, at any level from beginner to advanced. This trip isn’t very demanding; it’s billed as a “leisurely walk.” We’ll probably have some kind of social afterwards and talk about future trips.

I have an archive of pictures of past trips online (including two snowshoeing & cross-country skiing trips this March with the Boston chapter).

The official writeup:

Young Adult Members Walk/Social

Sunday, 4/25 11am

Join us for a leisurely walk on the Newport Cliff Walk before the tourists take over. 6 mile easy hike, picnic lunch to follow.

Leader, Deb Hanley

Co-leader, Andrew Shearer

Contact me to register.

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Pictures from a fun weekend snowshoeing in Grafton and Londonderry, Vermont, on a trip organized by the Boston AMC Young Members.

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Today’s hike up Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire, with the the Boston AMC YM group: 25 pictures.

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It meant getting up at 4:10 in the morning to make the drive from Providence, but yesterday I hiked up Mt. Chocorua in New Hampshire with the Boston AMC Young Members group. At least half of us brought cameras, leading to many entries in the Photographs of Photographers series. 105 pictures.

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I nearly went to Jacob Reider’s Medicine and Weblogs session at BloggerCon yesterday, but the weather was so nice that I went kayaking in Boston instead.

The RICKA-organized trip went from Magazine Beach down the Charles River into Boston Harbor, and was a great day’s paddle. (...Even though I only had 4 hours of sleep the night before, because of a web server power supply failure that meant rigging up other servers to stand in during the replacement.)

After eliminating, or just not taking, many pictures due to a lens fogging problem that struck my camera’s waterproof case for the first time (meaning that I hadn’t thought to bring any defogging solution), I still have more than 100 pictures.

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My Mystic, CT trip (with RICKA) and Providence, RI trip (later that day, on my own), in pictures.

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I posted the photos from the Ninigret Pond kayak trip (an AMC event that I co-led on Saturday).

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I’m co-leading a kayak trip this Saturday in Charlestown, RI. It’s an Appalachian Mountain Club trip, and I’m representing the Young Members. (Young is a relative term, meaning approximately 25 to 35, but all ages are welcome.) AMC membership isn’t required. We’ll paddle on Ninigret Pond, eat lunch on the beach (which we'll have pretty much to ourselves) and maybe swim there too.

[Contact information removed; use my Contact link.]

A remaining kayak or two may be available for an $8 rental, but priority goes to AMC members.

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