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Box below overpassBelow a Providence street as it crossed over the water, I once came across a large wooden crate-like structure hanging by heavy cables, only easily visible or accessible by boat. Liana Araujo-Lane saw my picture of it and wrote in with an explanation—thanks, Liana!

“I believe that that cardboard wood thing was a project of a student at RISD for a while. She lived in it and commuted to school with a kayak every day. she had to co-ordinate her commuting times with the tides…it was pretty interesting. I learned about this from a teacher I had over last summer at RISD who was friends with this girl.”
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Random notes for Rhode Islanders:

  • 90.3 FM (WRIU) makes a great change from 95.5 WBRU. Even after listening for more than a year, 90.3 still plays lots I haven’t heard before, and their unvarnished DJs are the polar opposites of the annoying ones that used to try way too hard at 99.7 "the edge" (now defunct). Unfortunately, being a small college station, they switch off completely during the summer.

    I can’t quite say that you won’t catch them repeating anything, because one evening last week, they left the same CD shuffling in the player for hours. I heard the exact same songs (Erin McKeown, Distillation) on three separate short car trips over a two-and-a-half-hour period, starting at 6:30 PM. When I was listening at home after 9, a DJ came on and apologized for being a little late.

  • has lots of pictures and background info on the Providence buildings that will be torn down, or have already come down, as a result of the I-195 relocation project. I walk by Thurston Manufacturing (their link) and the former Providence Machine Company (their link, my photo) almost every weekday on the way to lunch.

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The Providence Machine Company building, on Eddy St. in Providence. (The small words on the sign say "Inquire Within".)

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