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AMC Squam Mountains Beginner Hike

Sunday, October 3, 2004

AMC Committee: Boston Chapter Young Members

Squam Thing (B3C)

Join us on this beginner hike across the summits of the Squam Mountain range during foliage season, with great views of the lakes. No prev. hiking exp. needed as long as you're in good shape. 5 mi., 1400 ft. elev. gain. Reg. w/ CL Andrew Shearer (amc2004 AT shearersoftware DOT com, 401-453-2769). L Greg Fife (amchikes AT frozenfog DOT com, 617-983-1351).

Before You Register

Please familiarize yourself with the gear you will need. The AMC Beginner Hikes page has an excellent listing.

Also understand that you will be required to sign a liability waiver. (But we’ll lend you the pen.)


To register, please fill out the following form.

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What is your previous hiking experience? (If applicable, please name mountains and include approximate distances.)

What is your weekly exercise routine? Please be honest.

If you have any allergies or other medical conditions that may be important, let us know. (It will remain confidential.)

The following items are required: broken-in hiking boots (no sneakers), rain jacket, rain paints, top insulating layer, hat, mittens or gloves, headlamp or flashlight, spare batteries. (See this gear checklist [link opens in a new window]). If you are missing any of these items, list them here.

Any other comments or questions for us?


I have space for participant(s) with gear, not including me.

It is difficult to set up carpooling without at least one contact method. If carpooling, please make sure you have at least one phone number or email address filled in with Allow participants to see this checked next to it.

Finishing Up

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