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AMC Providence Kayaking

2005-06-26 – 2005-06-26

Providence from the waterWe’ll spend time enjoying downtown Providence from the river, and also paddle outside the Hurricane Barrier to get a taste of Narragansett Bay. Not literally. L Bev Thomas, CL Andrew Shearer. The route is similar to the one in these pictures.

The water is flat inside the Hurricane Barrier, and normally rather flat outside it (around the Russian sub, which we'll paddle near). In case the wind gets up, you should be prepared for slightly choppy conditions, at least for a brief period while we move inside the Hurricane Barrier. We'll use a different nearby launch site in case it's annoyingly choppy.

Cheap kayak rentals from the AMC are available.

Registration Closed

This end date for this trip has already passed, so the registration form is no longer available.