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AMC Blue Hills Hike

2007-04-07 – 2007-04-07

Note: there is a waitlist to join this trip.

Sat., Apr. 7. Start the Spring with a 7.5 mile hike through the Blue Hills. Begin at the Trailside Museum (Milton) and finish at the Shea Rink (Quincy). Spotting cars is necessary. This hike is for all levels, but geared towards beginner/intermediate hikers. Must be in good physical condition. L Stacia Zukroff, CL Andrew Shearer.

I'll send specifics if you register through this page.


  • Boots: Hiking boots are recommended. They don't have to be fancy, but the extra ankle support will help in the occasional rocky parts of the trail. Without them, you'd have to choose your steps much more carefully.
  • Socks: Synthetic hiking socks are best. With cotton, you run a greater risk of blisters (because of moisture and friction), especially if you haven't fully broken in your footwear on a similar-length hike.
  • Shirts and shorts: given reasonable weather, a light T-shirt and shorts is all you'll need while we're moving. Any other layers you start off with are fine, but you'll probably want to take them off after hiking for ten minutes or so. You'll be more comfortable in synthetic fabrics than cotton, because synthetics wick moisture and let it evaporate, while cotton tends to get wet and stay wet. (You can get away with cotton on this hike--it isn't like the more advanced hikes, where cotton is often expressly forbidden, because once it's wet it can no longer keep you warm.)
  • Jacket. Just in case.
  • Water. 2 liters is good. At least 1.5 liters is a must. Bring more for for hotter weather
  • Other items you might want: Sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray (the bugs aren't too bad now, but they are there). Camera.
  • A backpack to hold it all.

Please discuss with the leaders (in the comments below) if you are missing any of the above.

Registration Closed

This end date for this trip has already passed, so the registration form is no longer available.