At my day job, I somehow would up on an organizing committee for the department Halloween party, providing its only male representation. (I would have said ?much-needed? or ?much-appreciated? representation, but I don?t really know about that.)

Whatever the case, we decided to have our first annual costume contest, for which I was put into duty as the photographer. To set a good example we all wore costumes. So I had to come up with a costume idea for the first time since childhood.

At the party, I was supposed to be Jimmy Olsen (staff photographer for the Daily Planet, home to Lois Lane/Clark Kent/Superman), as I kept having to explain over and over. Guess no one saw the movie recently. (It would have been much more convincing with a bow tie, but I couldn?t find the one I used for junior high orchestra concerts and couldn?t bring myself to buy another.)

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