The AMC Boston hike/bike and young members committees use trip rating codes such as "B3B" to indicate difficulty. Recently there’s been some discussion of how hard this makes the listings to understand for newcomers. Here’s a workaround for users, and the core of a script that would help the authors automate a solution.

This tool translates the codes to English text. To try it out, click the link below and enter a code such as A2C.

Decode AMC Rating

To use this on any trip listing page, drag the Decode link up into your links toolbar, or open your Bookmarks or Favorites window and drag it in. You won’t even have to type the codes anymore; it can work on any text you’ve selected. Go to the AMC Boston YM trip listings, double-click any trip rating to select it, and choose the Decode AMC Rating bookmark.

This is part of a proposal to provide English tooltips for trip rating codes in announcement web pages and emails. Here’s an example of a trip rating with a tooltip. Move your mouse pointer over the following code and hold it still for a few seconds: AA1B.

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