Congratulations to my father and my brother Rob, who just finished sailing back from Bermuda to Newport in the double-handed leg of the Bermuda 1-2 race. I still don’t know how they placed officially.

(This is the race I’d done the past few times as the crew, with my father as captain, for the double-handed return leg. The inital Newport-to-Bermuda leg is single-handed, so he of course does it alone.)

The first leg involved two emergencies where my father’s boat started filling with water. I still haven’t heard all the details, but it turned out not to be a real leak. For the return leg, one boat was dismasted, but they managed to rig up something to get to shore. No major disasters like the 2003 race, where one boat capsized, and the crew was picked out of the water by a passing cruise ship.

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