Catching up on photo collections I’ve posted in the past few weeks:

  • FireworksA 4-day camping trip in the White Mountains with the Appalachian Mountain Club Worcester Young Members, in which we hiked a few mountains, took turns jumping from a ledge into Emerald Pool, and watched the fireworks display at the Mt. Washington Hotel.
  • Blue Hills hikersMy Blue Hills beginner hike, which drew a huge crowd. I took the first 25 to sign up, and could run another trip with the rest.
  • Frank passing disc to SunyaThe RIPUL tournament, where a relatively low-ranked Ultimate frisbee team went to near the top, in spite of my presence on it.
Next up for this weekend:
Sat Aug 19 A Shoe, a Sock, a Rock: Monadnock (C3C) Waitlist
No, the title doesn’t make sense, but it did catch your attention. If you haven’t hiked Monadnock before, give it a try and find out why it’s now the most-hiked mountain in the world. This 4.5-mile loop near the southern border of NH is great for experienced hikers who like the views and beginners who like a challenge. Second in a beginner hike series.
Reg. at L Andrew Shearer. CLs Andrea Hafner, Tim Smith.
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