Broken Windows: With viruses, worms, and vulnerabilities in the news, John Gruber wrote an excellent piece. “Here’s a billion-dollar question: Why are Windows users besieged by security exploits, but Mac users are not?”

And, like clockwork, here comes the latest Windows vulnerability:

Internet Explorer Carved Up By Zero-Day Hole:

“Two new vulnerabilities have been discovered in Internet Explorer which allow a complete bypass of security and provide system access to a computer, including the installation of files on someone’s hard disk without their knowledge, through a single click.

Worse, the holes have been discovered from analysis of an existing link on the Internet and a fully functional demonstration of the exploit have been produced and been shown to affect even fully patched versions of Explorer.

It has been rated ‘extremely critical’ by security company Secunia, and the only advice is to disable Active Scripting support for all but trusted websites.”

The article goes on to say that the code exploits three holes in Internet Explorer for Windows, including one that has been known since August 2003, and there’s no patch available for any of them. (You could turn off Active Scripting, which breaks functionality on many sites, or stop browsing web sites you don’t trust completely. If that’s not acceptable, you have to switch another browser such as Mozilla, or switch to a Mac.)

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