Recent Projects

Care Thread Co-Founder & CTO

Care Thread’s real-time collaboration platform connects healthcare teams within hospitals to help deliver better patient care.

Our first product greatly improves patient handoffs. JCAHO (the organization that accredits US hospitals) cites poor handoffs as responsible for 80% of serious medical errors, and has started a major push to raise awareness of the problem. Care Thread uses web and mobile communication to address the root causes for errors that JCAHO identified.

Care Thread also allows secure text messaging between care providers, and keeps up-to-date patient information close at hand.

Lockify developer emeritus

Lockify is an easy way to achieve secure, encrypted communication without extra software.

Appalachian Mountain Club trip leader, webmaster/developer

As part of webmaster duties, developed trip listing and reservation systems. This open-source project formats the trip listings for several chapters of the Appalachian Mountain Club, publishing updates regularly to the web and sending a weekly HTML and text email to several thousand recipients. Also allows subscriptions via RSS and iCalendar.

In the Near Past

RI Nexus (Technical Lead, 2007–2011)

A community site for technology companies in Rhode Island, with launch sponsored by the RI Economic Development Corporation.

Signout (2003–2010)

This program, written for the Lifespan hospital system, addresses the “hand-off problem” within hospitals: how can a patient’s care be efficiently and safely transferred from one doctor to another? It tracks a doctor’s patient list with editable summary notes for each patient, while automatically updating labs and meds lists. It’s been used throughout the Brown Medical School residency programs at Rhode Island Hospital and the Miriam Hospital since 2004, as well as by other care providers at Bradley Hospital, accruing more than 1 million physician-hours of active use. It’s been called “the only electronic system that residents actually like using.”

For pediatric patients, it included growth percentile calculator and growth chart features, which were eventually licensed to Siemens in 2009 for use in the Siemens EMR platform.

I’ve presented Signout at various events, including the 2005 Siemens Innovations Conference, as well as BarCamp Boston and Providence Pecha Kucha. One of the presentation is on SlideShare.

My current startup, Care Thread, is a further evolution of the idea of solving hospital communication problems, including handoffs.

Continuity of Care forms (2005–2010)

Editable electronic discharge forms used for all inpatients throughout Rhode Island Hospital, the Miriam Hospital, and Newport Hospital, allowing online updates throughout a patient’s stay and replacing what was previously a paper-based process.

It also collected quality measures reporting data.

The solution tied into the a centralized fax system to send a courtesy copy to the patient’s primary care physician on discharge, and to the Document Imaging system for long-term archiving.

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