A 3D game (1995-1996)

Dome was an experimental 3D game. It used QuickDraw 3D for a graphics engine.


The camera was selectable as the active dome (it hovered behind the line of fire and rose higher if terrain got in the way) or an aerial view. (There was also support for a roving truck, though the physics of the truck were very rough.)

Most of the quality settings were adjustable, and the frame rate for the picture shown was acceptable even on the lowest-end Power Macintosh made: the 60 MHz Power Mac 6100 with the unaccelerated 32-bit AV card.

Language C++, Metrowerks PowerPlant.
Compatibility Power Macintosh (60 MHz and up), System 7.5.3, QuickDraw 3D.
Terrain Function plot or fractal landscape.
Lighting Day and night modes. At night, a searchlight from above traced a sinusoidal pattern across the landscape.
Shading Mesh, flat, Gouraud (preferred), or grass texture.
Download This program is not available for distribution.


Picture24-domeglow-wind.jpg Picture22-aerialglow-wind.jpg Picture14-lowdebris-wind.jpg


Picture5-detail.jpg Picture6-detail.jpg Picture9-mesh-detail.gif Picture8-flat-detail.jpg Picture7-highsmooth-detail.jpg Picture13-lowdebris-detail.jpg Picture15-highcarve-detail.jpg Picture20-highnightcarve-d.jpg Picture21-nightdome.jpg Picture26-texture-lg-d.jpg