PhysicsPad for Newton

Calculations for medical physicists

PhysicsPad for Newton incorporates several programs:

  • Formulas, including Decay, Dead Time, Focal Spot, Multiple Slice Average Dose, Glandular Dose, and Radiographic Exposure;
  • HVL, a half-value-layer calculator with graphing;
  • Processor QC, which can record a history of film processor QC measurements and give recommendations;
  • and Reports, a prototype for a facility survey report tool.

Douglas Shearer (an ABR-certified radiological physicist, and also, not entirely coincidentally, my father) and I presented the program at the 1994 American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) conference in Anaheim, CA.

Language NewtonScript.
Compatibility All Newtons; tested with the original MessagePad.
Download This program is not yet available for download.


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