Archived Projects

AcqFilter screenshot

AcqFilter 1995

Multi-channel ECG analysis for medical research. Custom graphical C++ software for a research group at Rhode Island Hospital.


JavaScript Clock

A small, but persistenly popular, script used to display a real-time clock on a web page.

Dome 1995-1996

An experimental 3D game.



A revision of an open-source Python script to find and removes duplicate files.



Converts a batch of filesystem snapshots into a Subversion repository, reconstructing the historical record. Its input format is easy to create, and just about every version control systems can convert from Subversion format, so this tool can be used as an intermediary to convert anything to just about any version control system.



A programming utility for writing software that processes and transforms HTML files, preserving whitespace and comments.

MathMan 1990-1995

Interactive symbolic math with 2D and 3D graphing, numeric integration, and animation.


Drupal Migraine

A deployment tool for Drupal that separates development and production servers. Used for RI Nexus.

PhysicsPad for Newton 1994-1995

Mobile calculations for medical physicists.

PhysicsPad for Palm 1996-1997

Mobile calculations for medical physicists.